Sketchtastic Doodles by Kerby Rosanes

I love to see great doodles in notebooks. As a designer, this is something I have done myself over the years. This set of stunning sketches, however, were drawn by creative, Kerby Rosanes. I think the originality and amount of detail in these works are fantastic. Check out the selected images below, and see the “exploding helmet” illustration near the end—its fantastic!

Kerby Rosanes Doddles Gallery

Raven Doodle

Bird Doodle

Hippo Doodle

Moleskine Doodle split view

lion Doodle

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Moleskine Doodle split view

Moleskine Doodle pages

Moleskine Doodle of faces

helmet sketch

helmet doodle

Moleskine Doodle sketch

Kerby Rosanes: “Moleskine Doodles” is a project I started this year with the aim of practicing the skill of drawing spontaneously. Using Uni Pin Fine Liners and a Moleskine pocket sketchbook, this series of illustration features my doodle creatures combined with interesting animals, monsters and other interesting subjects I came across for the past few months.

Further Information on Kerby Rosanes

Sketchtastic Doodles by Kerby Rosane: All imagery shown in this post is copyright © Kerby Rosane. See his online profile for more original work, and the rest of this set.

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