Manhole Cover Art Photographed by S. Morita

Numerous manhole cover art examples

Japan-based Photographer S. Morita has taken scores of photographs of manhole covers throughout Japan. The manhole covers were designed by artists entering design contests, and there are now more than 6000 of these colourful and artistic covers.

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Apparently, there are loads of these that feature trees, along with landscapes, birds and floral designs, too. Check out the rest. My favourite is the one with the Panda, what’s yours?

Gallery // Manhole Cover Art

This is an example of manhole cover art which shows a tree next to some water

On this manhole cover there are flowers and the word Takahamar written

Jill metric pattern on manhole cover which is square

On this manhole cover there is somebody working

A selection of nine man hole covers showing art work

Manhole Cover art image

This is a selection of manhole covers

Manhole Cover art showing flowers with a yellow middle

Further Information // “Manhole Cover Art Photographed by S. Morita” // All the images shown within this post are © Copyright S. Morita. Please visit their site and portfolio for more fantastic work. Via Colossal. See more of Morita’s photos here.

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