Extraordinary Leaf Art by Lorenzo Duran

Trees in Leaf Cut

Leaf Art by extraordinary artist, Lorenzo Duran. He collects leaves and after gently washing them, cuts into them creating amazing artwork. Apparently, Lorenzo has been inspired by paper cutting from Switzerland, China, Japan and Germany.  Above: Trees in Leaf Cut.

Leave Art images:

Pattern cut-out of single leaf

Above: Pattern cut-out of single leaf.

Tree within autumn leaf

Above: Tree within autumn leaf.

Geometrical shapes cut out of green leaf

Above: Geometrical shapes cut out of green leaf.

Tall leaf cut

Above: Tall leaf cut.

Squares Leave Art Mapleleaf

Above: Squares in Maple leaf.

Butterfly and trees leafcut

Above: Butterfly and trees leafcut.

Lorenzo at work

Above: Lorenzo at work.

Credits: Via: Designaside / Via: Illusion Scene 360 / Please visit Naturayarte (Copyright © and source) for more fantastic work.


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