Karoto Peeler Sharpens Your Carrots

Yes! With this Karoto Peeler you easily peel not only your carrots, but other vegetables that will fit in the device, too! Amaze your friends with pointed carrots and funky peelings at other-wise boring parties. Maybe not…

Karoto Peeler image

I think these are quite an original idea, though. These can be purchased over at FireBox (Not an affiliate link).

Carrot peeler in use

Karoto Peeler in plastic packet

Looking for all the world like something out of a giant’s pencil case, the Karoto Peeler is a stationary-style kitchen accessory that lets you create culinary curls, swirls and wickedly sharp vegetable weapons. Impress those pasty, pompous neighbours with your elegant vegetable designs, then fight them off with a sharpened turnip stake when they inevitably turn out to be vampires. Food fights just got real.

★ Alternately, this is also for sale over on The Fancy Here (affiliate link).