iToilet Concept by Milos Paripovic

iPoo satire concept image

This iToilet concept is named the iPoo, a concept dreamed up by designer Milos Paripovic. He states on his product page for this: “product described below is satire, and is not to be taken seriously.” I can see why!

iPoo satire concept image 2

Milos goes on to describe the product:

Some people may think it looks like Apple logo, but I disagree. If you see Apple logo everywhere maybe you should see a psychiatrist and take a look at a few Rorschach inkblot cards. This is just the perfect shape for the toilet since it tightly fits the shape of a one’s bottom. This design is not Apple affiliated, but you recognize that, since their product designs are superior shapes such as cubes, chamfered cuboids or very thin cuboids; and this design is a toilet in comparison. Also, their designers like everything flying around, which is not very desirable in a function of a toilet [read and see more].

iPoo concept image 3

Credits: Found via Imjustcreative; via Neatorama. All images shown in this set are copyright © Milos Paripovic. Please visit his site for more of his unique talents!

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