Freaky Morphing Shapes – Video Inversion by Vladislav Solovjov

Well, I’m a little unsure on how to describe this video — hence the post title “Freaky Morphing Shapes”! It’s only little over a minute long, so hit the play button and you’ll see what I mean. Enjoy…

Video: The Inversion by Vladislav Solovjov


break apart

white globes

graphics explosion

Triangles fan

falling ball

blured shape

inverted shapes

swirly ball

Black ball

Watch the video again…

THE INVERSION from Vladislav Solovjov on Vimeo. Self-initiated project | Headphones + Full Screen Recommended! | Design // Render // Animation // Direction: Vladislav Solovjov Music: Noisia – Machine Gun (Amon Tobin Remix)

Further Information // “Freaky Morphing Shapes – Video Inversion by Vladislav Solovjov” images / screenshots copyright Vladislav Solovjov.

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