Exclusive Interview with Illustrator Elroy Klee

Elroy Klee is a former graffiti artist from The Netherlands, who is the owner of Elroy Klee, a studio of twelve designers. They work together in the fields of illustration, set design and 3D work. Klee’s work is a mixture of “experimental transformer style”, urban street art and Dutch design. Here is a selection of some of his work from his Behance profile, along with 12 interview questions about his work and design style…

CD cover design in purple and blue

1‭. ‬Tell Design Soak Magazine readers about yourself‭. ‬What motivates you‭?‬

Well‭, ‬I’m Elroy Klee‭. ‬43‭ ‬years in the making already‭. ‬So a kind of oldie‭. In the graphic game already some 16‭ ‬years‭, ‬but making name the last years in the international scene‭.‬ My motivation comes from within‭’. ‬Just making beautiful stuff‭.‬ Multiple 3-D objects in illustration

2‭. ‬When did you first start illustrating‭? ‬Where did it all begin‭?‬

It all began when I was around 16‭. ‬Starting in the streets with tagging and bombing my hometown with graffiti‭. ‬Just was addicted‭ ‬to it and loved designing letters‭.‬ After my study I began a studio with some companions‭. ‬We were doing a lot of corporate stuff‭, ‬identities and packagings‭. ‬A few years back my illustrations roots was calling for attention‭. ‬I left the studio and now a days I freelance as and art director/illustrator‭.‬

Great 3-D objects for clothing brand

3‭. ‬How did you‭ ‬‘find your own style’‭? ‬Have you always used the same illustration methods‭?‬

Well I think I’m still searching for my own style‭. ‬I like geometric design in 3D‭. ‬Digital as well as crafted‭.‬ Combined with a typical Dutch style I hope find my own style quick‭. ‬Or maybe not‭. ‬The search is quite interesting as well‭.‬

4‭. ‬Tell us about your creative process‭. ‬How do you work‭?

A lot happens in my mind‭. ‬I think a long time for‭  ‬a good concept‭. ‬After that I make a small sketch because my work develops as I work on it‭.‬ 3-D mind illustration

5‭. ‬What is the biggest inspiration for fresh ideas‭?‬

Well‭, ‬inspiration comes from everything for me‭. ‬I can walk in a forest or supermarket‭. ‬It doesn’t matter‭.‬ I’ve noticed if I’m in the car on a highway I’m at my best creating a concept‭.‬ Sounds kinda weird‭, ‬but I’m completly focussed when driving‭.‬ ‭ ‬

Person on a playing card

6‭. ‬Do you find it easy or hard to create new work‭?

Not really‭, ‬but sometimes it costs me more time then other times‭. ‬My work is my hobby so I like every assignment‭. ‬And if I don’t‭ ‬like it I refuse to do it‭.‬

7‭. ‬What is the best part of your job‭?‬

Freedom‭, ‬meeting other designers‭, ‬listing music and creating stuff‭. ‬Man‭, ‬I love all of it Lego hair

8‭. ‬Adversely‭, ‬what is the worst part of it‭?

Clients who change the brief while the assignment is already for 70%‭ ‬done and still keeping the tight deadline‭.‬

9‭. ‬Apart from illustration‭, ‬what other creative fields are you involved in‭?

Well‭, ‬I’m still doing packaging which I love‭. ‬

Orange and Grey 3-D creation for Black & Decker

10‭. ‬Do you have any plans for the future of your creative work‭?

Besides the search of my style I want to develop my animation skills‭. ‬I want to do more in film/animation‭.‬

11‭. ‬What is inspiring your work at this moment in time‭?

I like the clean typical dutch style‭. ‬Richard Niessen for example I like a lot‭. ‬Combined with a touch of Pul Klee and my 3D style would be awesome‭ :-)‬ Yellow and Grey 3-D object

12‭. ‬What is top 3‭ ‬tips for the Design Soak readers‭?

‭- ‬Do what you love to do‭. ‬Passion is the keyword ‭- ‬Try to devellope your own style‭. ‬At the end you get the credits for it ‭- ‬Make your portfolio stand out‭. ‬Quality work will get noticed‭. ‬

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