Inspiration Pad. Think You’ve Seen a Notepad? Think Again!

Irregular notebook lines

These notebooks (called Inspiration pads) were created by Brussels based design & advertising studio, “TM”, spearheaded by designer Marc Thomasset. He turned the whole concept of a notebook upside-down, and created one that used zig-zags, curls, swirls and angular lines instead of straight ones. Great work — although I’m surprised no one thought of this before…

White pages with blue lines

Inspiration Pad 8

Inspiration Pad design

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Inspiration Pad waves pattern

Curvy Inspiration Pad

Swirly Inspiration Pad Page

Inspiration Pad Cover:

Dark Inspiration Pad

Inspiration Pad: An inspiring notepad I launched a few years ago. I was drawing projects in a notebook, and suddenly it hit me how a classic notebook, however beautiful, is always very rigid and grid like, so I wanted to turn the conventional upside down with curved, angles and twisted lines in order to create one which could inspire people to unleash their own creativity [read more].

Further Information // Inspiration Pad. Think You’ve Seen a Notepad? Think Again! // All of the images used within this set are [Creative Commons] Copyright © Marc Thomasset.

These books are available in the TM shop. Join the fan page here. Pictures by Marcel Veelo >>

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