Ink Bubble Drawing by Roland Flexner

Take a look at these ink bubble drawings by Roland Flexner, who was born in Nice, France. He now lives in New York City and exhibits his work, which includes these sensational drawings:

Gallery // Ink Bubble Drawings

Ink Bubble

Ink Bubble 2

Ink artwork 3

Ink Drawing 4

Ink Bubble 5

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Ink Bubble 6

Ink Bubble 7

Ink Drawing 8

All images © copyright Roland Flexner. Visit for more examples.

My Personnel Experience with Drawing Ink Pens

On another note, when I was at University (Coventry, UK), myself and the rest of the students were all asked to buy a set of ink pens for a project. It was then that I saw how remarkable these pends can be. I think the smallest nib was a 0.1, and then the ‘Rotering Set’ went all the way up to 0.9 or 1.0 I think. I still use them to this day, years later, although I don’t buy the ones with inc cartridges any longer. I use the ‘DP’ ones instead. You can check out one of my Moleskine Sketches sing these ink pens over on Pure Christian Graphic Design entitled “Cross Walkies Photo Illustration“.

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Take a look at these ink bubble drawings by Roland Flexner >>