Happy Christmas 2011 from Design Soak Magazine

Merry Christmas from Design Soak

Happy Christmas 2011 from Design Soak Magazine! This site is barely 6 months old, but its gaining momentum thanks to you, my readers. I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas this year. For more on Christmas, check out What is the true meaning of Christmas?

Top base-image credit (CC) Cliff Robin.

♥ Previous Christmas posts on Design Soak Magazine

Blood-Filled Christmas Stockings

Christmas Blood Stockings image

Wow! Check out these kind of freaky-looking Christmas stockings that are designed hold donated blood. Made from urethane by creative Lee Ki Seung, these photos show the stockings holding red-pigment liquid to demonstrate how they work… [more].

600 Christmas Stockings Display

600 Christmas stockings display

This Christmas Stockings Display shows a staggering 600 socks in a single shop-window installation for furniture retailer Domison. The stockings were all recyclable, and after Christmas, the socks were to be donated to charity. The actual concept for this window-piece was dreamed up by Paprika [more].

Christmas Star Menu

Christmas star menu design image

Christmas Star Menu. Here’s a really nice paper art styled menu which shows a stunning Christmas star image on a marl-grey background. It’s crisp, clean and mixes minimal design elements and white space. Great stuff by Zim And Zou─enjoy the rest of the images [more].

A Festive Tale of Woe, Depression and Dementia

Depression and Dementia image

“The Last Christmas…” is a festive tale of woe, depression and dementia. Yes, I know, if you look at the screen-shots above and below, you’d be wondering why you should watch this video! Even thought its’ theme is ‘depression’, it does have a much happier ending. Directed and animated by creative David Lea, watching this video makes a change to constantly seeing Santa and his reindeers this Christmas [more].

Top 10 Christmas iPad Wallpapers

Christmas Red Sparkle wallpaper

Here’s a set of the top 10 Christmas iPad Wallpapers for you to use over Christmas time. There’s actually not that many around, surprisingly, so I’ve searched around and found some of the best ones for you. My favourite is the “Christmas Lights” design near the end of the post.

For a Special Christmas Tea Party…

christmas tea party image

Try this for a special Christmas Tea Party – green tree-shaped tea-bag tags with matching box. The whole idea behind this conceptual design is to get two people sharing at Christmas. As can be seen, the tree is to be torn in half so the two tea bags can be used in separate cups. This concept was dreamed-up by a bunch of designers from Mint. Fantastic idea [more].

Recycled Plastic Bottle Christmas Tree

recycled plastic bottle Christmas tree IMAGE

Check out this giant recycled plastic bottle Christmas Tree by creative, Jolanta Smidtienė from Kaunas, Lithuania. 40,000 plastic bottles (which were originally filled with a branded lemonade) were made into a giant structure in Kaunas [more].