More Laugh-Out-Loud Glennz Tees Designs

If you haven’t seen any of Glennz Tees Designs before (previously), then prepare to be amazed and to laugh! Glenn Jones, the designer of these illustrations, has a very unique illustrative style that combines simplistic line-art, punchy-colour and pure imagination. If I were to summarise Glennz Tees in one work, it would be “quirky”…

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The gallery below shows only a selection of his recent work. I just love the Robo Pop and TV knife and fork illustrations. Which is your favourite?

Gallery // Glennz Tees Designs

glennz tees designs - dont slip on lego

Instagram birdhouse

cat week cartoon

t-rex with small arms

Robo pop Robocop

Wheres Waldo or Wally here in UK

Glennz Tees Concept showing tutle

Glennz Tees Concept

glennz tees designs - Submarine call in a large bag

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Bird house with a curly slide

Egg bacon glasses

Back to the future hover board


Boxing lesson poster

football table


There is a cartoon shark with bingo picking out of it mouth

Knife and fork all watching TV

glennz tees designs - image of a red Pan

Further Information // “More Laugh-Out-Loud Glennz Tees Designs” // All the images shown within this post are [Creative Commons] © Copyright Glenn Jones. Please visit his website for more fantastic work.

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