Giant Redwood Trees of California

giant tree on beach image

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giant Sequoia trees of California tunnel image

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I think these images of Giant Redwood Trees (Sequoias Trees) are amazing. I can’t believe how large they are—and I love the tree tunnel, too!

California’s enormous giant sequoia is the world’s most massive tree and one of the oldest. These trees can grow to more than 250 feet tall (or 76 meters which is about as tall as a 25-story building), with a diameter at breast-height up to 30 feet (about 9 meters). Sequoia National Park’s General Sherman Tree is about 52,500 cubic feet (1,478 cubic meters), which is roughly equivalent to 21,800 150-pound (68 kg) humans! Giant sequoias can live to be 3,000 years old; the oldest recorded specimen exceeded 3,500 years. [Read more over at]