Amfursands: Fur-Decorated Ampersands by David McLeod

This project kind of reminds me of the ‘Freaky Human Typeface‘ that was featured previously here on Design Soak. Designer David McLeod, in this case, has created a visually-stunning set of typographic ampersands that are shrouded in realistic-looking fur. He entitled the set ‘Amfursands’. Get it?

black and white fur type image

brown symbol image

blue spotted Ampersand image

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coloured Ampersand image

spotty Ampersand image

purple furey Ampersand image

furey Ampersand image

An ongoing exploration into different hair characteristics through a bad pun.

Further Information // “Amfursands: Fur-Decorated Ampersands by David McLeod” // All the images shown within this post are © Copyright David McLeod (Creative Commons). You can see more of Davids excellent design work on his profile.

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“Amfursands” Fur-Decorated #Ampersands by David McLeod –  #typography

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