Colourful Food Photography with Marion Luttenberger

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This colourful food photography was created by Austrian designer, Marion Luttenberger. She used various fruits and vegetables to create designs for Vancouver-based company ‘The Good Forks’ that specialises in Sustainable Food Systems.

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Utilising bananas, water melons, grapes and beans, Luttenberger has brought to life food in a unique and simplistic way! I think these photos are great; check out the rest below…

Gallery: Food Photography

A pile of watermelons made to resemble some sort of pie Chart

Image of cucumber slices into locking

GOODFORKS for a new sustainable food system 11

Sliced bananas in formation

Circles of pips made to resemble A target

A circle of cucumber slices

Lemon slices floating above lemons

Kidney beans in the shape of a kidney beans


Aubergines in various sizes sliced in the centre

Interlocking cucumber slices

A bunch of grapes made to look like a tree

Age of four floating in the air

Further Information // “Colourful Food Photography with Marion Luttenberger” // All the images shown within this post are [Creative Commons ] © Copyright Marion Luttenberger. Please visit her site and portfolio for more fantastic work.

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