Intricately Detailed Logotype Sketch Collection by MIKE

Colour sketch is on white paper with pens and ink

I just love to see other designers and illustrators sketches in their notebooks, don’t you? These excellently intricate and skilfully-illustrated logos and icons were created by a talented creative just named “MIKE” (apparently!).

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He’s a graphic designer from Prague with 12 years of experience, who loves the Internet and sees its potential to drive his business and aspirations. See more of his creative work below…

Gallery: Detailed Logotype Sketch Collection

Logo sketching examples

Black notebook with white sketching on the front cover

Sketches done with pen and ink on paper

This is a notebook page showing sketches of logo icon design

Pages with sketches of logo designs and icons

White sketching illustrations on a black notebook

Further Information // “Intricately Detailed Logotype Sketch Collection by MIKE” // All the images shown within this post are [Creative Commons ] © Copyright MIKE. Please visit his site, and portfolio for more fantastic work.

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