Design Starts Here, Inspirational Video by Echoic

This is a really interesting video that I just discovered via Vimeo. It starts off by showing a man walking towards a wooden table where he then sits down to do some creative work with a pad of paper and a pencil…

Watch the Video Below: Design Starts Here

Here are some Screenshots from the Video

Design Starts Here

creatice desk

pencil on paper

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pencil explodes

triangle on paper

triangles coming out of paper

Design Starts Here – More about the Video

Then, he starts to draw on the paper, and what ever springs to mind he seems to write it down and produce drawings. However, throughout this process he just screws up the paper and throws it away to one side and start again with a frustration within his actions.

Not long after the start of this process, his pencil seemingly comes to life with colour and interesting-looking shapes come out of his boring looking pencil! Then, his writing pad also comes to life with shapes including a triangle that springs out of it – and other cool things happen in front of his eyes.

It’s a pretty interesting video to watch, and if you are a creative type yourself, you will recognise that sometimes creating something on paper takes a lot of work and practice. Many times you have to go through a process of trial and error to achieve your goals and this video seems to encapsulate that very notion really well.

Here’s the Video Again…

Design Starts Here from Echoic : Music and Sound Design on Vimeo. Director – Elias Freiberger –
Music & sound design – Echoic –

We really enjoyed working on this beautiful film from Elias. Here’s some words from him:“Design Starts Here is my graduation project for the MA Graphic Moving Image course at London College of Communication. From my research into the motion design and graphic design industries, I have often discovered that many people place too much of an emphasis on software. I wanted to express in my short film how good design is in fact about coming up with ideas – that often start from pencil and paper – not just the tools at your disposal.”

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