Custom Printed Attire by MWM Graphics

Almond Surfboard

Here’s a fantastic selection of custom printed attire by Matt W. Moore of MWM Graphics. I adore the use of colour and vitality in Matt’s designs. They sure do stand out! Above: Almond Surfboard.

Casemate Phone Case

Above: ‘Casemate’ Phone Case

Here’s some of Matt’s biography:

Matt W. Moore is the founder of MWM Graphics, a Design and Illustration Studio based in Portland, Maine. Matt works across disciplines, from colorful digital illustrations in his signature “Vectorfunk” style, to freeform canvas paintings, and massive murals. He exhibits his artwork in galleries all around the world and collaborates with clients in all sectors. Matt is also Co-Founder & Designer for Glyph Cue Clothing… [read more on MWM].

Ford Fiesta Car print

Above: Ford Fiesta Car print

Gravis boots

Above: Gravis boots

Black Gravis Bags

Above: Black Gravis Bags

K2 Snowboards

Above: K2 Snowboards Printed Attire

Momentum Bike

Above: Momentum Bike

Playing Cards Box

Above: Playing Cards Box

Ray Ban Sunglasses Prints

Above: Ray Ban Sunglasses Prints

Chiarelli Guitars

Above: Chiarelli Guitars

All the images showing printed attire shown above are copyright © MWM Graphics. Please head over to for more wonderful works.

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