Seriously Cool Character Ice-Creams

Darth Vader Icecream

These Character Ice-creams of Darth Vader, Mickey Mouse and Mario are shaped like their heads. They were created by Stoyn, a Russian advertising agency. I think they’re stunning; my favourite is the BlueBerry & Licorise flavor Darth Vader Ice-cream shown above. Hope you enjoy the rest…

Bubblegum Aerosol Can

Above: Bubblegum Aerosol Can

Cranberry Vodka by Stoyn

Above: Cranberry Vodka Ice-cream by Stoyn

Mario Brothers Ice-cream

Above: Tequila Sunrise Mario (from Mario Brothers) Ice-cream

Mickey Mouse Ice-cream

Above: Mango Flavor Mickey Mouse Ice-cream

character ice-creams

Above: People seemingly enjoying the character ice-creams!

Further Information

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