Clever Satirical IKEA Manuals

These satirical IKEA Manuals are simply clever and utterly unique. They’re based on 3 popular movie franchises…

Ikea Trex Dinasur instructions

Above: Spoof IKEA ‘T-rex Dinasur’ instructions, based on Rex from the Toy Story 3D movies.

Ikea Djiloriann Delorean instructions

Above: Spoof IKEA ‘Djiloriann¬† instructions’, based on the Delorean from the Back to the Future movies.

Ikea Lightsaber litsabbur Instructions

Above: Spoof IKEA Lightsaber ‘litsabbur Instructions’, based on Star Wars, of course!

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All images ¬© copyright College Humor’s Caldwell Tanner, Susanna Wolff and Conor McKeon.

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