Instaglasses Concept by Markus Gerke

Instaglasses concept

I think this “Instaglasses Concept” is quite amazing:

Many people use Instagram. They all love the effects, and every one of them loves to take pictures and to share them with their friends. Wouldn’t it be great to capture your everyday life, your entire life, through beautiful filters? The design concept can give the appearance of glasses. You activate the glasses by pushing “Insta” and option to choose between different filters… [read the rest].

The Facebook Phone?

facebook phone

Rumours of a Facebook Phone have been circulating for a while now. To add a “face to the tale’, designer Michal Bonikowski shows us all what such a device may look like. This design features a 4.2-inch screen, camera in the front and 8-megapixel camera on the back. It also comes complete with a docking station with Facebook branding, too.

Alternate Twitter Logo in the 1920’s

This excellently-styled lettering shows what the Twitter logo could look like if if were painted onto signage in the late 1920’s. The typeface is named Storefront, and was created by Argentinian designer Ale Paul. I think it’s great, and I reckon even today it would look good the main Twitter page. What do you think?

alternate twitter logo image

How to Build a Twitter Birdhouse

If you’re at at your computer right now and bored with the “real” Twitter, then take a look at a paper version. Yes, the Twitter Bird-House is a simple construction that can be simply made with paper and your home printer. Just print off the 2-page PDF (download here) and have fun,!

The concept was dreamed-up by German interaction designer, Mareike Leder who just wants you to have fun by creating your own paper bird house, apparently. So, How to Build a Twitter Birdhouse? Check out the images below which show photos of its construction…

twitter birdhouse blueprints image

I Like Facebook?

Facebook Like hand

This illustration made from icons is entitled “I Like Facebook”. It’s a mosaic illustration of the “LIKE” button for Fortune magazine and was made out of Facebook interface icons by Tsevis