Masayoshi Matsumoto Makes Unbelievable Balloon Animals

balloon catipplar image

Wow! I’m sure that most of us haven’t seen any type of balloon models like this before. Japanese balloon artist and sculptor Masayoshi Matsumoto has created some masterpieces with model balloons. Up until now, the most intricate Balloon Animal that I had seen was a dodgy-looking giraffe! As can be seen in the balloon galley below, Matsumoto has expertly crafted a multi-colored iguana, an orange T-Rex Dinosaur, a Hermit Crab and even an intricate Millipede (or caterpillar?). You can see more of his work over on his site, but here’s a selection of his work below…

Gallery //+ Balloon Animals by Masayoshi Matsumoto

Model balloon iguana in blue and yellow

Green balloon catipillar image


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Further Information // “Masayoshi Matsumoto Makes Unbelievable Balloon Animals” // All the images shown within this post are © Copyright Masayoshi Matsumoto. You can see more of their work over at Isopresso. Via Colossal.

Beautiful Jellyfish Glass Sculptures by Rick Satava

green Jellyfish Glass Sculptures

This stunning glass sculptures were created by Californian sculptor, Rick Satava. If you would like to check out how he makes these, head over to his site where the process is shown. The Satavo studio makes around 300 of these glass pieces per month, and they come in an array of colors and types…

Gallery // Beautiful Jellyfish Glass Sculptures

Orange Jellyfish Glass Sculptures

Surreal Jellyfish

Clear Jellyfish

★ See the rest of these images over on Design Soak.

Further Information // “Beautiful Jellyfish Glass Sculptures by Satava” // All the images shown within this post are © Copyright Satava. You can see more of their work over at Satava Glass.

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Bizarre Skeletal Beehive Sculptures Show Intricate Structures

Beehive Sculpture in triangle

Ren Ri created these enigmatic sculptures using bees. Ren builds the initial frameworks for the pieces out of transparent materials and wood, and then he inserts a queen bee into the structure. After the introduction of the rest of the hive, he then rotates the structures daily by using a die to dictate which way it should be rotated. This then causes the bees to build in varied directions because of the force of gravity. It is this method that gives these sculptures a unique look, with each one being different from the other.

Gallery // Beehive Sculptures Show Intricate Structures:

Beehive Sculpture hexigons

Beehive Sculpture image

Beehive 3D

I think these bee Sculptures are very unique, and I haven’t seen anything quite like them. It’s important at this time, too, to note that the World’s Bee population is decreasing year-on-year, so I reckon it’s a good thing to view how great bees and and what they actually do for the world — pollinate all the flowers and crops!

Further Information // “Bizarre Skeletal Beehive Sculptures Show Intricate Structures” // All the images shown within this post are © Copyright Ren Ri. Please head over to his website and check out more of his work. Via Colossal.

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Oceanic Sheets of Glass Art by Ben Young

blocks of glass

Check out these stunning examples of Glass Art by Ben Young, which combines glass and concrete to create amazing pieces of sculpture art…

artwork featuring glass

wavey glass

artistic glass

blocks of glass art

lighthouse in glass

waves of glass

layered glass

glass sculpture

Ben Young Layered Ocean Waves image

Further Information // “Oceanic Sheets of Glass Art by Ben Young” // All the images shown within this post are [Creative Commons] © Copyright Ben Young. Please visit their site and portfolio for more fantastic work.

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Manhole Cover Art Photographed by S. Morita

Numerous manhole cover art examples

Japan-based Photographer S. Morita has taken scores of photographs of manhole covers throughout Japan. The manhole covers were designed by artists entering design contests, and there are now more than 6000 of these colourful and artistic covers.

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Apparently, there are loads of these that feature trees, along with landscapes, birds and floral designs, too. Check out the rest. My favourite is the one with the Panda, what’s yours?

Gallery // Manhole Cover Art

This is an example of manhole cover art which shows a tree next to some water

On this manhole cover there are flowers and the word Takahamar written

Jill metric pattern on manhole cover which is square


Coloured Fishing Nets Suspended in the Sky by Janet Echelman

These wonderfully-intricate coloured fishing nets are created and constructed by artist, Janet Echelman. Drawing inspiration on a trip to India as a Fulbright Scholar, she saw that some fishermen in the village of Mahabalipuram were using nets of high quality of strength. For some reason, she had a creative idea to somehow suspend nets like the ones she saw, in the air — in the sky!

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Since this trip to India earlier in her career, Echelman has travelled around the globe installing these net sculptures at varied locations. Take a look at the gallery below, I think you’ll be pleasantly amazed…

Gallery // Coloured Fishing Nets by Janet Echelman

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Brett Kern Ceramics Are Deceptively Stunning

Brett Kern Ceramic green Dinosaur

Brett Kern Ceramic Blue Dinosaur

Take just one look at these wonderful ceramic creations, and you may think that they’re inflatable. In fact, these pieces of art are just made to look this way. It’s part of the allure that this selection of work, by sculptor and creative Brett Kern, display.

All the objects displayed here are made from — wait for it — clay. I think Brett has done a wonderful job, and they look nearly identical to the objects that they represent. I’m impressed—what about you? Check out the rest of the gallery…

Brett Kern Ceramic green Dinosaur

Brett Kern Ceramic Blue Dinosaur

Brett Kern Ceramic back of spaceman

Brett Kern Ceramic Spaceman

Brett Kern Ceramic Pink Dinosaur


Atype Paper Art by Lobulo Design

If you’ve been following this blog for any length if time, I’m sure you’ll know that I love paper art. So much so, I even have a whole site dedicated to it aptly named Paper Art Love! Here’s a set of fantastic letter “A’s” from a project entitled Atype by Lobulo Design. See the animation Gif below and then the rest. Enjoy…

A letter animation

Purple Letter

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Extraordinary Layered Glass Books and Rocks by Ramon Todo

glass rock globe

When I first saw these extraordinary layered glass books and rocks, I thought they were CGI computer manipulated images. How wrong I was. These photos actually show expertly-crafted pieces of sculpture art, conceptualised and made by Dusseldorf-based artist, Ramon Todo. As you’ll see in the gallery below, he has used different kinds of marble, volcanic rock and even old books to splice with highly-polished glass that effortlessly integrates with the surrounding object…

Gallery: Layered Glass Books and Rocks

Glass books

Volcanic rock and glass layer

Block of rock with layered glass