The Stunning Mercury Watch by Ziiiro

Wow! Check out these Mercury Watch Designs by Ziiiro. I’ve just informed my wife that I’d like one for Christmas, but I think my request fell on deaf ears! I just love the way that the edges of the two coloured ellipses denote the minute and hour. Yes, it would take a bit of getting used to, but the design is very innovative, don’t you think? See the other colours below, too. *This post contains affiliate links.

Purple Mercury Watch by Ziiiro

Ziiiro Mercury Watch on hand

Ziiiro Mercury Watch on its side

Ziiiro Mercury Watch in purple

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Ziiro utilizes new technology to produce watch designs that possess a reinvigorating minimalism, diverging from conventions.

Resting on a 24mm stainless steel mesh band, the ZIIIRO Mercury displays time in a simple and unique way. The tip of the inner swirl represents the current hour, while the outer swirl displays the minutes, with a continuous gradient movement showing the passing through time.

Blue and Black Ziiiro Mercury Watch

side blue view of Ziiiro Mercury Watch

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Fascinating Festive Christmas Ornaments by Jasen Melnick

These Christmas Ornaments, as Jasen Melnick describes them, are festive Christmas ornaments made from cut paper ‘and craftiness’! Check out the elegant paper creations below…

closeup of Christmas Ornament

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Fanned-out paper cuts

Christmas Ornaments pattern

Christmas ornaments that I made as presents for friends and family this season. I have a passion for patterns and these were a special treat to make, and very easy at that!

Further information: “Fascinating Festive Christmas Ornaments by Jasen Melnick” – images copyright © Jasen Melnick. Please head over and see the rest of his work.


Crazy Retro Blaster iPod Boombox by Lasonic

Retro Blaster iPod

Remember the days when people actually carried large boomboxes on their shoulders? I bet you though those days were long gone when iPods came along, eh? Well fear not, this weird and somewhat crazy Retro Blaster iPod Boombox solves the ‘problem’…

13 Unusual Pool Tables

unusual pool tables

Here are some very unusual pool tables for you to take a peek at. I bet you’ve played on one before, right? It may well have been a boring green-clothed and wooden construction with little appeal. In response to this, some clever designers have created everything from crystal-glass tops to Ford Mustang enclosures. I hope you enjoy the pics….