20+ Awesome Business Card Designs

A while ago, I designed some great-looking awesome business cards to advertise my design services, and at the time I was pleased with the originality of my own design. Fast-forward a few years, and now I’ve seen that many designers have created some cards that are truly amazing and original. Today, I’ve taken a look at many examples of some great business card designs and concepts and included 20+ of the best ones I could find. I particularly like the Holographic Business Card printed onto clear plastic. What’s your favourite?

Burn The Book – Letterpress Business Card Design

Burn The Book - letterpress business card Design

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Orange business Card Design printed on Orange-Edged Paper Stock

Image of a fantastic Orange business Card Design printed on Orange-Edged Paper Stock

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Transport for London Posters that Morphs 3D Type with Trains

Transport for London Posters image

This visually-stunning set of posters was created by designer and illustrator, Chris LaBrooy. Designed in conjunction with M&C Saatchi in London, the purpose of these posters is to convey upcoming travel fare charges on the London rail, tube and bus networks.

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I just love the way that the 3D typography blends right into the vehicles, which is the whole point of the designs in the first place. Wouldn’t it be cool if actual working models of these travelled around the city, though?

Gallery: Transport for London Posters

2014 3D typogrpahy

Train fares 3D text


Sketchtastic Doodles by Kerby Rosanes

I love to see great doodles in notebooks. As a designer, this is something I have done myself over the years. This set of stunning sketches, however, were drawn by creative, Kerby Rosanes. I think the originality and amount of detail in these works are fantastic. Check out the selected images below, and see the “exploding helmet” illustration near the end—its fantastic!

Kerby Rosanes Doddles Gallery

Raven Doodle

Bird Doodle

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33 Cool T-Shirt Designs with Ribbons with Vector Freebie

One of the unsung heroes of t-shirt design is the ribbon element. Ribbons provide a sharp, easy, aesthetically pleasing way to add text and other features to your design. They are very versatile and can be seen on an unbelievably wide range of different styles of artwork. That’s why we put together this great list of t-shirts featuring all kinds of ribbons. Check them out!

*Hint – If you read all the way to the bottom, you’ll find a pretty cool vector ribbon freebie to download.*

The Pentool Is Mightier Than The Sword

Pentool Is Mightier Than The Sword

Christmas Star Menu

Christmas star menu design image

Christmas Star Menu. Here’s a really nice paper art styled menu which shows a stunning Christmas star image on a marl-grey background. It’s crisp, clean and mixes minimal design elements and white space. Great stuff by Zim And Zou─enjoy the rest of the images…

Top 20 Stupendously Clever Business Card Designs

Annalisa Vargiu Design

Don’t you just love clever business card designs? I think most people are inspired by a card design that makes them want to keep it in their wallet. As a creative designer, I know first-hand the importance of having a card that is memorable. The main aim is to create a card that will be kept and not thrown away. When the budget allows, it’s great to see designers around the world creating fantastic designs that push the boundaries of what can be achieved through print, finishing, die-cuts and an initial great idea! I hope you enjoy the rest of this gallery—please share it. Above: Annalisa Vargiu Business Card Design [link].