The Intriguing Anatomy of a Sliced Bullet

gold bullets

Photographed from with an old World War II bunker in Switzerland, creative photographer Sabine Pearlman has managed to capture the ‘anatomy of a sliced bullet’. The images shown below are both fascinating and intriguing, to say the least…

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sliced bullet with ball bearings

cross section of sliced bullet


A Blaze of Colour: Fish Photos Gallery by Visarute Angkatavanich

These images were taken by talented Thai photographer, Visarute Angkatavanich. The gallery below shows a selection of his sea life photos, which include many Siamese fighting fish in crystal-clear waters. The clarity of the photographic work is excellent, with the focus and lighting of the fishes professionally balanced. Take a close look at the images below—my favourite is the white fish on the black background, what’s yours?

Fish Photos Gallery

red and blur fish photo
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blue fish photos
white and orange fish fish photo
spiky fish photo


Amusement Parks of Ruin by Francesco Mugnai

These alluring images of abandoned and ruined amusement parks were expertly photographed by Francesco Mugnai. It’s great to see how the shear force of nature reclaims the old rusting and decaying structures of roller coaster tracks, slides and yes, clowns. See the rest of the images below…

Amusement Parks of Ruin Gallery

Amusement Park slides

Amusement Park horses

Amusement Park image

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Liquid Balloons Explode on Cue by Fabian Oefner

These stunning liquid-filled balloon explosions were created by the talented creative, Fabian Oefner. If you’re anything like myself and many others—watching stuff explode is wonderful! Please check out this set of images entitled “Blasting Acrylics”, and see more of Fabians amazing work on his profile…

Gallery: Blasting Acrylics by Fabian Oefner

Colour burst

5 Stunning Photos of Angel Falls, Venezuela

Check out these absolutely stunning photos of Angel Falls, which is located in Venezuela. It reminds me of the waterfall the featured in the Pixar movie, Up, but I’m sure this one is way more awe0inspiring than that! I particularly like the image with the rainbow

Gallery: Angel Falls, Venezuela…


Eerie Photography by Michael Kenna

Michael Kenna photography

This eerie photography selection is by English photographer, Michael Kenna, who currently resides in Washington, USA. I think his varied work is fantastic, and reminds me very much of the work ofJim Kazanjian. The gallery below shows a variety of his work, from images of Easter Island to statues in China. Enjoy…

When 10 People Wrap Faces in Scotch Tape!

scotch ape faces header image

These absolutely stunning photographs were produced by Wes Naman. He originally attained the idea of this concept after watching his assistant, Joy Godfrey, apply a single piece of scotch tape to her face! My favourite photographs are the man with the gun and the wrestler (I think?). Check out 10 of his images here below…

30 Beautiful Images of Doors and Locks

I love how doors and locks communicate such a powerful message – one of curiosity, control, and even mystery. Context is king, of course, but it’s easy to use doors for just about any kind of stock photo needs, whether an ad design for poster printing or the background for a web page.

This round-up of doors and locks are all free for commercial use. Make sure to take the time to thank the photographers for being so gracious with their work. This collection has a little of everything, from grungy to modern to ethereal. Take your pic(k) and enjoy!

Photo by Fr Antunes

The Art of Traveling in Pickup Trucks

Photographer Alejandro Cartagena stood looking down from a bridge in northern Mexico to take these unique images. He managed to capture snapshots of the daily commutes of Mexican workers as they lay down and sit in pickup trucks. I think these images are really quite special, as it’s not something that most people see. There’s so much information that can be gleaned just from these non-standard views of ‘ordinary’ hard-working people.

Gallery: Traveling in Pickup Trucks

pickup trucks people sleeping image 1