The Anatomy of a Candy Piñata

Pinata Anatomy image

Haha! Check out the ‘Anatomy of a Candy Piñata’ shown above. It appears to have little candy tabs for the brain (I think pop-corn would have worked well, too), chocolate hearts, sugar-snake intestines and a sugar-orange stomach. I reckon this photo and concept is really amazing─and I’m sure you love it too!

Credits: This image and design (©) was produced by Carmichaelcollective. Via Laughingsquid.

Apple Water. iWater?

With Apple seemingly moving into new industries where does one draw the line? Recent news of Apple apparently expanding their Apple TV package by purchasing the Premiership Football (Soccer) rights. However it seems there next venture is down a completely new path for Apple. Although as with many of their products it can be used in conjunction with other Apple products.

Now introducing Apple Water. If successful then the progress of Apple is unlimited, surely?

iWater image

Pizza Box Art

pizza box art

Okay, I’m in a humorous mood, so here are 8 pizza box art examples for you to digest (see what I did there?). I don’t know if this could strictly be referred to as art—but maybe some kind of urban graffiti! I think my favourite one is where someone’s requests that ‘Twinkle Pie” is drawn on a delivered pizza box. Strange stuff, I know. Anyway, it’s Friday, so enjoy the madness…