Tron Bicycle

Bike that lights up

This really cool-looking “Tron Bicycle” is the Pulse Urban Bike─a creation by Teague, a company based in Seatle, USA. Featuring electric turn signals, a rear indicator light and stunning light-up mid frame, I think using the word ‘cool’ really sums up what this bike is all about! Take a look at the video after the images…

Solar Birdhouse

If you’re in need of a Solar Birdhouse, look no further. If your garden birds are flying around in the dark like bats looking for their nest then this may be solution. Birds have been flying around for thousands of years without the air of a Lightsaber-looking perch, buy hay, why not?

Solar Birdhouse

Solar Birdhouse

Interesting Cardboard T-Shirt Folder

Cardboard tshirt folder image 1

I think this so-called “Fool-proof” cardboard T-Shirt folder is quite cool: “There was once a point in our lives when we wouldn’t have needed T-Shirt Folders, maybe you’ve lived in relative harmony and made it this far without realising you need one. But think about it – you only get one life; one life to have fun, one life to listen to music… [read more].

The Astonishing Animal Chairs of Maximo Riera

Rhino 1

These astonishing chairs were created by Spanish designer, Maximo Riera, who has made sure that the represented animals look realistic and life-like. Reira has created chairs that are based on a rhino, octopus and walrus, but he also has some more coming out soon. These include a lion, beetle and even a whale.

iToilet Concept by Milos Paripovic

iPoo satire concept image

This iToilet concept is named the iPoo, a concept dreamed up by designer Milos Paripovic. He states on his product page for this: “product described below is satire, and is not to be taken seriously.” I can see why!