How to get Yourself a Custom Lego Head!

Have you ever wondered how you would go about getting a likeness of your own head on a Lego or Megablocks figure? Actually, not me at least, until I saw these wonderful creations by British company Funky3Dfaces, who scan photos of your very own cranium and then use 3D printers to construct a custom Lego head!

Gallery // Custom Lego Heads

lego man sat on torntorn from star wars

Want a Secret Hidden Safe in Your Home? Take a Look at These!

I’ll admit it. I love the idea of having my very own secret hidden safe somewhere in my home. I don’t have such a concealed place—yet—but it’s interesting to mull over the idea! Below, you’ll find a selection of the best hidden safe examples that I could find. Some of which could be home-made by the average-Joe, such as the safe built into a wall, the safe in the bed and fireplace, and the concealed vent…

Metal Cylinder Hidden Safe that is drilled into the top of a door

Hidden Metal Cylinder Safe that is drilled into the top of a door

Oh by the way, this isn’t the first article that I have written about secretive place. See also Top 15 Hidden Stairs and Top 10 Secret Doorways. Source and Copyright Link.

Home Safe that is built into a Wall Tile

Home Safe that is built into a wall tile

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Secret homemade Hidden Safe that is hidden in a household pipe

Secret Homemade Safe that is hidden in a hosehold pipe

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Hidden Home Pillar Safe made of wood

Hidden Home Pillar Safe made of wood

…When You Leave a Pen in a Tumble Dryer

I haven’t posted to Design Soak for a while due to a heavy workload, but I plan to start posting more. To kick things off, here’s a pen of mine that accidentally went through the tumble drier. Down-right weird, eh? Maybe one day, it’ll be a piece of art

...When You Leave a Pen in a Tumble Dryer

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25+ of the Best Man Caves Ever Imagined!

Man Cave Idea - a batcave

Ah, the ‘Man Cave’, a place where men can sit down and relax. A place to get away from some of the many hassles of life and enjoy a movie or game of pool. In this selection of man-caves, there’s a range of styles to see, from Batman and Star Trek-themed basements to posh elegant-looking secret rooms. I’m sure that the wives’ regularly use these rooms, too! Check them all out below… [above image via]

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Gallery // Man Caves

man-cave for star wars


dream mancave image

14 Ridiculously-Ugly Christmas Sweaters! *Updated Post

Ugly Christmas Sweaters image

Ho Ho Ho. What Christmas would be complete without some family member sporting an Ugly Christmas Sweater? Check out this selection of crazy, garish garments below…

Red Rocket Rudolph Christmas Jumper

Image of Christmas Jumper

Is there a more striking and recognisable Christmas image than a certain reindeer and his large, throbbing, glowing, red-tipped sniffer? Absolutely not… read more.

Light Up Fireplace Christmas Jumper with Stockings

Red Christmas Jumper

Most of us aren’t characters out of a Dickens novel, we don’t all have a luxurious glowing fireplace to hang our stockings on and usher in the warm spirit of Christmas… read more.

80’s reindeer Christmas sweater 1980 holiday red black diamond

80s reindeer christmas sweater 1980 holiday red black diamond


Ultimate 80s Knit Christmas Sweater

Ultimate 80s Knit Christmas Sweater image


Vintage Ugly Sweater Black and White Hand knit Wonder

Vintage Ugly Sweater Black and White Hand knit Wonder


Ask Me About My T-Rex

I thought this T-shirt design was an excellent idea. So does my little kid, who wants one!

“Ask Me About My T-Rex” Tee

Tshirt Design: Ask Me About My T-Rex

I’m sure there will be variations on this type of Tee out for sale somewhere, but I discovered this via Droold.

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10 Stunning Glow In The Dark Objects

Glow-in-the-Dark objects image

Check out these amazing Glow In The Dark Objects, such as nail polish, iPhone skin, bike frame and even a toilet roll! So, if you are either for ever losing your stuff, or just like it glowing in the dark gloom, then some of these may be for you…

LED “Bocce” Ball

Glow in the