Camera Mail

Camera in a box

The “Camera Mail Project” was envisaged by Matthew McVickar, who had the idea to send a camera through the post; inspired by Kyle Van Horn (details at end of post).

The first camera travelled from Cape Cod, Massachusetts to Honolulu, Hawaii, collecting a total of seven pictures on its way. I couldn’t have hoped for a better set of photos! The Postal Service sure does move fast. I ended up trying three more camera mail packages to Washington, to Japan, and to Masschusetts (all three when I was living in Hawaii) but never heard back.

Here are a few photos of how the Camera Mail package was made:

Camera in the box

Camera preparation

Above: The Camera parcel reads:

Take part in documenting this mail’s trip from MA to HI! Take a photo before you pass it on!

…and some postal workers did…

Photo at the post office

Above: Post office workers having their photo taken with camera

Post office workers with camera

Above: Another Post office worker

Camera and Fork Lift Truck

Above: Warehouse workers pose on fork lift truck for camera

Disposable camera final destination

Above: The final destination of the Disposable camera?

Further Information on this post

You can see more of the Camera Mail images taken over on the Matthew McVickar Flickr page: Themes and Experiments. All images © copyright Matthew McVickar, who’s inspiration for his venture was Kyle Van Horn.

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