Brett Kern Ceramics Are Deceptively Stunning

Brett Kern Ceramic Spaceman

Take just one look at these wonderful ceramic creations, and you may think that they’re inflatable. In fact, these pieces of art are just made to look this way. It’s part of the allure that this selection of work, by sculptor and creative Brett Kern, display.

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All the objects displayed here are made from — wait for it — clay. I think Brett has done a wonderful job, and they look nearly identical to the objects that they represent. I’m impressed—what about you? Check out the rest of the gallery…

Brett Kern Ceramics Gallery:

Brett Kern Ceramic back of spaceman

Brett Kern Ceramic Blue Dinosaur

Brett Kern Ceramic light green Dinosaur

Brett Kern Ceramic cushions

Brett Kern Ceramic Green Dinosaur

Brett Kern Ceramic green Dinosaur

Brett Kern Ceramic Eedish Dinosaur

Brett Kern Ceramic Purple Dinosaur

Brett Kern Ceramics Blue Dinosaur

Brett Kern Ceramics Blue Dinosaur

Brett Kern Ceramic Pink Dinosaur

Brett Kern Ceramic Red Dinosaur

Further Information on ‘Brett Kern Ceramics Are Deceptively Stunning‘ // All images shown above are copyright © Brett Kern . See his online gallery for more fantastic works or head over to his dedicated Etsy shop. I discovered these images via Colossal.

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