Blood-Filled Christmas Stockings

Christmas Blood Stockings image

Wow! Check out these kind of freaky-looking Christmas stockings that are designed hold donated blood. Made from urethane by creative Lee Ki Seung, these photos show the stockings holding red-pigment liquid to demonstrate how they work…

Blood Filled Christmas Stockings

From Lee Ki Seung’s site:

Put your present in the socks, somewhen it wil be back to you” Christmas often tend to be regarded with a possesion for people who are healthly, rich, and have enough.
We otten neglect people who disabled, handicapped, sicked, don’t have enogh so far. Also, we are busy to enjoy our own. Thus, I suggest a method of sharing through special blood packs. and people readily would get a pleasure and be warm as sharing thier own belonging.

In general, people tend to show a stiff motivation and response to donation, This phenomenon has caused passive dedication to society and human being lives.
Naturally, it has weaken a bond between mankind as a I suggest new blood bag design and hope to inspire active blood donating boom [read more of this].

 Give Blood stockings

Blood stocking

Collection of stockings

Credits: All images are copyright © Lee Ki Seung. Please check out his site for more creative works and videos. Via Toxel.

Blood stockings in sunlight

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