Artistic Sandwiches by Brittany Powell


These ‘Sandwich Artist’ sandwiches were created by Brittany Powell. They were part of a project named ‘Low-Commitment’ with another creative, Tae Kitakata. My favourite is the Mondrian Sandwich near the end of the post. What’s yours? / Above: Hirst Sandwich


Above: Duchamp Sandwich


Above: Pollock Sandwich

johns sandwich

Above: Johns Sandwich

Artist Mondrian

Above: Mondrian Sandwich

artist Rothko Cheese sandwich

Above: Rothko Sandwich

Credits: All images are copyright © Brittany’s Projects. Please check out her site, Low Commitment Projects, for more fantastic work. Her “about” page states:

One project each and every Monday morning of 2012.  Alternating brittany-tae-brittany-tae. During art school, our studios were connected by an open doorway.  We started as strangers, but for the first (and only) assignment of the two-year program, our instructor paired us together.  So began a back-and-forth of materials, ideas, and foods [ Read More ].

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Foodface fun plates image

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  1. Ryan Murphy

    Reminds me of the title sequence for ‘Napoleon Dynamite’