The Art of Traveling in Pickup Trucks

Photographer Alejandro Cartagena stood looking down from a bridge in northern Mexico to take these unique images. He managed to capture snapshots of the daily commutes of Mexican workers as they lay down and sit in pickup trucks. I think these images are really quite special, as it’s not something that most people see. There’s so much information that can be gleaned just from these non-standard views of ‘ordinary’ hard-working people.

Gallery: Traveling in Pickup Trucks

pickup trucks people sleeping image 1

pickup trucks with people

pickup trucks in mexico

pickup trucks with people in the back

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White pickup trucks in Mexico

White pickups

Red Pickup trucks

Article Credits: “The Art of Traveling in Pickup Trucks” – All of the images used in this set are Copyright © Alejandro Cartagena. See more fantastic work over on Found Via Fubiz.

Pink pickup truck in Mexico

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