Amusement Parks of Ruin by Francesco Mugnai

These alluring images of abandoned and ruined amusement parks were expertly photographed by Francesco Mugnai. It’s great to see how the shear force of nature reclaims the old rusting and decaying structures of roller coaster tracks, slides and yes, clowns. See the rest of the images below…

Amusement Parks of Ruin Gallery

Amusement Park slides

Amusement Park horses

Amusement Park image

Amusement Park grass

Amusement Park scaffold

Amusement Park in the ocean

Amusement Park clown

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Amusement Park in wood

Amusement Park with rust

Amusement Park spiral

Car in Amusement Park

Wild cat in Amusement Park

Amusement Park in the trees

Amusement Park train

Blue monster in Amusement Park

Carnage in Amusement Park

Amusement Park yellow pods

Francesco Mugnai: I’m an italian project manager, teacher, Adobe certified expert, pro-blogger and web designer freelance. I currently teach graphic design and web design in various international art schools (worldwide), including master’s and specialization courses. Right now i am also one of the official designers of the Italian Ministry of Public Education [read more here].

Amusement Park in fog

Amusement Parks of Ruin by Francesco Mugnai: All images shown in this set are copyright © Francesco Mugnai. Head over to his personal site for more fantastic work.

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