3D Printed Candy that is REAL and EDIBLE?

3d printed candy cubes

Can you remember the days when food replicators firth appeared on Star Trek The Next Generation? Apart from Captain Pickard ordering the food and drink dispensers to conjure up “Tea. Earl grey. Hot”, oftentimes, crew members actually ordered food and other sweet things to eat!

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Most Trekkies thought to themselves “I wish that food replicators were real”. Well, fear not, this technology is now solidly in development. No, they don’t work exactly like their science fiction counterparts, but 3D printers are being made right now that can actually print edible food, including sweets and candy made of layered sugar. You can read all about it over on The Verge.

3D Printed Candy Images:

3d printed candy structures

Interlocking 3d candy

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