15 Creative Washbasins to Freshen Your Senses

Creative Washbasins

Here are 15 Creative Washbasins to Freshen Your Senses. From cork, wood, ceramics and sheet metal, there appears to be no limit on what sink and washbasin designs are available:

Blue washbasin

Above: ‘River Washbasin’ in washroom [link].

Eco-Friendly Washbasin

Above: Eco-Friendly Washbasin by Phil Rose Bu [via].

Spiral Wash Basin

Above: Ammonite Wash Basin [link].

Aquarium Washbasin

Above: Moody Aquarium Washbasin [link].

Wooden sink

Above: Wooden Worktop Kitchen Sink [link].

Cream Washbasin

Above: Unique Cream ‘Contour Effect’ Washbasin [link].

Cork Wash Basin

Above: Cork Wash Basins [link].

Striped Basin

Above: Striped Kitchen Wash Basin [link]

Wooden Sink

Above: Sink make from Wood [link].

Slide Washbasin

Above: Creative Abisko Washbasin [link].

Stone Sink

Above: Stone-Stepped Sink [via].

White Washbasin

Above: Ocean Wave Washbasin [let me know where these are sold so I can attribute credit].

Waterfall Washbasin

Above: White Waterfall Washbasin [via].

Sheet metal Washbasin

Above: ‘Iris Washbasin Concept’ made from Sheet Metal [link].

Lemon bathroom sink

Above: Cenk Kara Lemon bathroom sink [via].

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