13 Unusual Pool Tables

unusual pool tables

Here are some very unusual pool tables for you to take a peek at. I bet you’ve played on one before, right? It may well have been a boring green-clothed and wooden construction with little appeal. In response to this, some clever designers have created everything from crystal-glass tops to Ford Mustang enclosures. I hope you enjoy the pics….

Red Mustang Pool Table

Above: Red Mustang Pool Table / Image via SpeedDoctor.net [ © link ]

Silver Pearl Pool Table

Above: Silver Pearl Pool Table [ © link ]

Circular Round Pool Table

Above: Circular (Round) Pool Table [ © link ]

Vienna Dark Walnutsquare

Above: Vienna Dark Walnut Square Pool Table [ ©link ]

Glass Pool Table New York

Above: Glass Pool Table G4 ‘New York’ [ ©link ]

Fern and Flower Pattern Pool Table

Above: Fern and Flower Pattern Pool Table [ © link ]

Gametable Pool Table

Above: 3 in 1 Gametable Pool Table [ © link no longer active ]

Fibreglass Funky Pool Table

Above: Fibreglass Funky Pool Table [ © link ]

Table Tennis Pool Table

Above: Table Tennis Pool Table [ © link ]

Monarch Pool Table

Above: Monarch Pool Table [ © link ]

Octapool Octagon Pool Table

Above: Octapool Octagon Pool Table [ © link ]

Evergreen Classic Outdoor Pool table

Above: Evergreen Classic Outdoor Pool table [ © link ]

Crystal Glass Pool Table

Above: Crystal Glass Pool Table [ © link ]. Top image combination / © of image links already attributed.

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  1. Asif

    cool collection of pool tables. thanks