10 Retro Old PC Advertisements

Old PC Advertisement 10

Check out these retro old PC advertisements. Can you remember your first PC? I can. I remember the day I received my first Spectrum +2 as a child in the 80’s, playing Oh Mummy and many other “cutting edge” games! My favourite ad is the Arari one above. You can see the joysticks featured, plus many more in Top 10 Joysticks from past and present. Here are the rest of the adverts:

Old PC Advertisement 2

Above: The spectacular 10MB Hard Disk. Just $3398 (I’ll take 200)

Old PC Advertisement 3

Above: Atari: More capabililities than any other computer under $1,000

Old PC Advertisement 4

Above: Franklin’s ACE 1000 Runs with the best!

Old PC Advertisement 5

Above: “The new 16K RAM card that turns your computer into a working giant”. Get me one of those…

Old PC Advertisement 6

Above: “Putting color to work in computers”

Old PC Advertisement 7

Above: “Tandy 5000 MC Professional System” Just $8499…Bargain.

Old PC Advertisement 8

Above: “Introducing Macintosh. What makes it tick. And talk.”

Old PC Advertisement 9

Above: “Amiga under £2,000. Anybody else up to $20,000” Not sure about that strapline.

Old PC Advertisement

Above: “Radio Shacks $399 TRS-80 Color Computer — Innovation at it’s Very Best!” …And apparently, before the ’em dash’ was invented.

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