Epic Woodland Fairytale Bed

So, you’ll come back from work after a long 12 hour shift and a few hours later you’ll need to go to bed. You want to relax and need to whisk yourself away into a fairytale land. The solution? An epic woodland fairytale bed! Yes, for just over, wait for it, a whopping $10,000 from Lumme Designs, you can sleep in the midst of laser-cut trees! I’m a little unsure as to having some kind of ram’s head on my wall, but I think the rest is pretty cool. Check it out…

Woodland Fairy Tale Bed image

From the Lumme Designs store: This is a Modern Luxury Woodland style Bed, and is handmade to your needs: single, queen, king size etc. Bed posts are Laser or CNC cut to apple tree shape. Wood choices are Birch, Ash and Mahogany. Hand sanded and finished with white translucent wax with Dovetail joints, brass hardware attachments for easy and durable bed post assembly (sold without mattress).

Image of fairy tale bed

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This image shows the bed with trees overhead

Credits: All images used within this set are copyright © Lumme Designs. Please head over to their store if you would like to take a further look at this bed and maybe even make a purchase (by the way, this is Not an affiliate post).

Image of fairy tale bed will talk with moody lighting and rug

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