Wonderfully Clever Bench Advertising

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bench advertising header image

We’ve all seen standard ads, but what about bench advertising? This post shows 10 great examples how creatives have turned the humble bench into wonderfully clever adverts:

Denver Water Benches

Orange Water Benches

Denver (USA) Water Benches shows the message “How much water you give to your lawn … How much it really needs.” [© Sukle, USA : via]

BMX Bench Advertisement

bmx bench

Pretty unique bench advertisement produced for BMX Rider Magazine [link].

Slim Fast Promotional Bench

Slimfast Narrow bench

Very clever Slim Fast Promotional Bench concept. Although, it’s rather worrying that some modern-day models would fit on this! [link].

Stadium Seat Bench Advertising

Striped Bench

‘Stadium Seat’ bench ad for TV company, Telia, where people are encouraged to ‘watch TV anywhere’. Football fans who used the benches could watch live football on their mobile phones [Full story link © art Director: Henric Almquist].

Becherovka “Get Closer” Park Bench

Blue park bench

The Becherovka “Get Closer” Park Bench. This would definitely get noticed. The site explains: “Becherovka is a traditional Czech liquor enjoyed my men and women. Long-term communication strategy of Becherovka is captured is a slogan: Get closes. That’s why our Becherovka bench is specially designed to help people do just that.” [© link]

Bench Advertising for Homeless Charity

Arrels Fundacio Bench

Arrels Fundacio Bench. The surrounding ground reads “For many people in Barcelona this is their home. Give Barcelona a roof. Arrels Foundation” [© Altraforma, Spain : via].

Erasco Bench Advertisement

Iberasco Bench Ad

The image above is for the foreign branded hot-drink Iberasco [link].

Kit-Kat® Bench Advertising

kitkat bench

A bench that represents Kit-Kat® chocolate bar segments…Choctastic [link].

First Ontario Credit Union’s Bench

Credit Union Bench

First Ontario Credit Union’s “Extra Safe” Bench advertisement [© TBWA\Toronto : via]

Chair Lift Bench Ad

chairlift bench

“In select locations across Toronto, a new campaign from Travel Alberta puts transit riders into chair lifts climbing high into the Rockies.” [link : via]

All images above are copyright © of their respective holders.

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