Wonderful Woodcuts by Tugboat

Battlecrabs Woodcut image

These stunning woodcut-prints are produced by an online print shop, Tugboat Printshop. My favourite is the “Battle-Crabs Woodcut” above, but there are many more great prints produced by them, too.

Big Bad Wolf Woodcut image

Above: Big Bad Wolf Woodcut.

Surf woodcut image

Above: Surf Woodcut.

Dreamboat Illustration

Above: Dreamboat Illustration.

Hammer Head Swarm

Above: Hammer Head Swarm.

Credits: All images are copyright © Tugboat Printshop. Please check out their site to purchase prints and see more of their work (this is Not an affiliate post).

Bonfire First Proof

Above: Bonfire.

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Japanimals and Monster Friends

The “Fauna Friends – Japanimals” prints are the newest set in a collaborative poster series. There are 4 posters in the set, which feature work from Alex Pearson, Julian Baker, Scott MacDonald and Andy Young. I think these posters are great! In a world when many poster designs are little more than Photoshop “explosions”, these works are concept-driven with great effect and appeal [ SEE MORE ].

Japanimals illustration image