Volkswagen Facebook Camper Van Campaign [VIDEO]

Volkswagen Nederland Fanwagen image

This Volkswagen Facebook VW Camper Van campaign is pretty cool: “Volkswagen the Netherlands invites its fans to vote for their all-time favourite model. As a reward, it rebuilds this model in a one of a kind edition: the Fanwagen. Whether they vote for the classic van the T1 or the Beetle, the winning car will be equipped with a myriad of features that avid Facebook users will instantly recognize, making it the most social car ever.” Read More on the Volkswagen Fanwagen Facebook Page.

Volkswagen Nederland Fanwagen image 2

Volkswagen Nederland Fanwagen image 3

Volkswagen Fanwagen Video Below:

The Fanwagen from Fethi Uluak on Vimeo. All Volkswagen Facebook Camper Van Screenshots (© Volkswagen) taken from video.

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