Vinyl Art Sculpting by Scott Marr

As a follow-on to my previous music based post, here’s some incredible vinyl art sculpting by Australian artist, Scott Marr. He takes old vinyl records and carves intricate patterns into them (with great effect). The example below named “Records Bones” is an old Decca vinyl 25cm record. See the rest, too…

vinyl art sculpting iamge

Scott Marr states: What do you do when you have a whole heap of scratched up 78’s? You carve in new information, and hope that the people understand [see more].

vinyl art and ocre

Above: “Records fire”.

red vinyl

Above: “Records revert to time” – Carved record and ochre.

vinyl record art

Above: “Records strings”.

vinyl record which has been carved

Above: “Records time”.

vinyl art sculpting example

Above: “Records dark matter”. All images shown in this set are Copyright © Scott Marr. Please check out his site for more of his incredible works.

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Modern Art

Modern Art detail

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