Video Games Infographic

Check out this great Video Games Infographic by Colourlovers, which shows a history of the games we’ve all come to love…

history of video games infographic image

I love infographics, as they show you key points of information with quirky visuals in ways that are easy to remember. On this graphic, it reveals that “Pong” was released in 1975. I remember that one quite well!

Video Games Infographic (Below)

video games infographic

I can’t even count the number of hours I’ve logged on different consoles since I was a kid… it’s in the thousands for sure. From my early years saving the princess and beating Ganon to getting headshots and fragging noobs, as I’ve grown up, so have the technologies that power the video game experience [read more].

Credits: This infographic is copyright © Please head over to their site for further great posts on their blog. The top image is cropped for excerpt purposes.

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2 thoughts on “Video Games Infographic”

  1. Doug Montgomery

    Nice find Andrew. A few facts that even an avid gamer like myself wasn’t aware of. I bet that took FOREVER to design.

  2. Andrew Kelsall

    Haha, yeah! Thanks for commenting…