Victorian Graphic Design Posters

I found these Victorian graphic design posters and leaflet collection via Attitude Design. I think it’s great to look back upon design ‘before Photoshop‘ and see how different and varied advertising was back then. I rally like the one shown below, with the man posing in the ever-so-classic ‘fight pose’. Did boxers really stand like this? Check out the poster of a woman holding a camera up in the air, too. Classic.

As it happens, I recently visited the National Media Museum in Bradford, here in England, where they have an entire collection of vintage cameras and their corresponding Victorian graphic design posters and other interesting artifacts.

Gallery // Victorian Graphic Design Leaflets and Posters

Victorian Graphic Designs

victorian graphic design posters
The image shown above was found via Attitude Design. Copyright © of the individual designs shown are copyright © their respective holders.

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