Very Clever M.C Escher Lego

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Escher lego

This  Clever M.C Escher Lego® construction was made by Andrew Lipson and Daniel Shiu. They have successfully recreated famous lithographs by the renowned Escher. They used Lego® bricks using a “SNOT” (“Studs not on top”) technique, which is having the plastic studs pointing in lots of different directions:

Lego image 2

Andrew explained on his site:

Daniel Shiu and I worked on this as a joint project after we finished our rendition of Escher’s “Ascending and Descending”, making it our fourth Escher picture rendered in Lego®. Once again, no camera tricks, but the picture has to be taken from exactly the right place, and boy did we get tired of trying to find where that place was. The whole thing took five or six evenings spread over two or three weeks. Most of the last evening was taken up with setting up the lighting the way we wanted it and trying to get the camera position just right… [more]

Lego image 3

Lego image 4

Escher Lego 5

Escher  Lego 6

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The Original M.C Escher Lithoprint Image:

Relativity MC Escher Lithograph

Above: Here’s a better view of the original M.C Escher lithograph (from 1953). It’s been a favourite of mine since college.

Lithograph Lego spinoff

Above: Here’s a closup of the M.C Escher recreation.

Further Information

All images are © copyright Andrew Lipson // Via MyModernMet // Disclaimer: I have No affiliation with Lego©, which is a trademark of the LEGO Group // All M.C Escher images are © copyright of M.C. Escher Foundation and The M.C. Escher Company B.V.

Like Lego®?

Andrew Lipson has recreated some more of Escher’s lithographs here.

If you like stuff made from Lego®, may I suggest taking a look at Lego Christmas Trees. or even a Giant Lego Car!

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