Unusual Bedding

Unusual Bedding

Here are 3 sets of unusual bedding sheets and pillow-cases for you to enjoy from Bed Toppings. I bet you had a funky design when you were younger? I had a Superman one, but it wasn’t as funky as these…

Chocolate Bar Bedding Sheets

chocolate bedding

Chocolate Bedding Sheet

The sweetest dreams are had sleeping inside a giant Sleepyhead Chocolate Bar. Snuggle in amongst happy sleeping chocolate and pull up your chocolate wrapper doona cover. Hopefully no giants come into your bedroom or they might gobble up the chocolate bar with you inside! [more]

Chocolate Bedding 3

Sardine Tin Bedding Sheets

Sardine Tin Bedding Sheets

Sardine Tin Bedding

There’s nothing cosier than being packed in like sardines. Dream of catching a big fish as you sleep amongst your new friends. You can pull up the doona cover over you so are inside the tin. The best bit is, these sardines don’t smell! [more]

Sardine Tin Bedding graphic

Unusual Pencil Case Bedding Sheets

Pencil Case Bedding Sheets

Pencils Bedding Sheets

Colour your dreams with Snooze Time Dreaming Pencils. Sleep amongst the colourful pencils and pull the pencil box over you as your doona. Drawing is fun and it’s a good idea to draw your dreams when you wake up. Then you’ll remember them forever. [more]

Eraser Bedding Sheets

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