Unique Tweeting Seat

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Tweeting Seat

This unique Tweeting Seat is a concept by Chris McNicholl, a product designer from the University of Dundee, Scotland UK.

A press release on this product explains:

Product Designer Chris McNicholl has created a modern application for a traditional object with TweetingSeat; an interactive park bench with an online presence. The bench is designed to explore the potential for connecting physical and digital communities by logging its usage through uploading images of its users and environment to a live Twitter feed […] Each time someone sits down, TweetingSeat uploads an image from two cameras to the Twitter feed. One camera is located on the bench looking at the surrounding space, and another is located nearby looking at the people who use it. Whilst emphasising the features that distinguish it from traditional park benches, the object has been designed with this aesthetic in mind [download press release].

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Tweeting bench

Tweeting interactive photos

All images are copyright © Chris McNicholl, Please visit his site, Chrismcnicholl.comfor more of his innovative work.

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