10 Amazingly Unique Christmas Trees

It’s nearly Christmas! Here are 10 amazingly unique Christmas trees to help get you in the festive mood:

Murano Glass Christmas Tree

This Murano Glass Christmas tree is located in Venice, Italy. At 8.5m tall and weighing 3 tonnes, it’s the world’s largest glass-blown tree (made from 1000 glass tubes and 2000 metal rods) [source].

Murano Glass Christmas tree image

Unique Christmas Tree with Candy

This unique Christmas tree is made form candy canes and sweets and backlit [source].

Candy Christmas tree image

Gareth Pugh Christmas Tree

This tree uses 60 neon bulbs and is 3 metres in height. It was designed for the flagship Topshop Oxford Circus store in London [source].

Gareth Pugh Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Projector

This tube projects an image of a green tree onto any wall [source].

Christmas Tree Projector image

Recycled Wood Christmas Tree

This tree isn’t the prettiest, but it’s recycled and quite unique [source].

Recycled Wood Christmas Tree image

Library Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree made entirely from green books at a library [source].

Tree of Books

Pac-Man Christmas Tree

Thousands of coloured LED’s light up this Christmas tree based on the arcade classic. Unique, I think you’ll agree [source].

Pac-Man Christmas Tree image

Cardboard Christmas Tree

This Cardboard Christmas Tree is made from 200 sheets of cardboard. The cardboard sheets were glued together with Starch, and apparently, is fire retardant t00 [source].

Cardboard Christmas Tree image

UST’s Unique Christmas Tree

“Every year, when second semester starts, one of the things that students have been waiting for is UST’s Christmas decorations. And I must say that in more than four years of seeing UST during Christmas season, they never failed to amaze me with all their decorations [read more].”

UST amazing Christmas lights image

Masaru Ozaki Christmas Tree Cubes

Internationally-known Japanese light installation artist Masaru Ozaki created this Christmas tree installation in front of the Parco #1 building in Tokyo [source].

Christmas Tree Cubes

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★★★★★ For more Christmas Trees, take a look at one made from Recycled Plastic Bottles.

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  1. Margaret

    Pac-Man tree and Gareth Pugh tree are my faves.