Ultra Detailed Sculpture Works

old lady with walking stick

These ultra detailed sculpture works are made from Silicone, pigment, fiberglass, acrylic, Fabric and hair. They were sculpted by talented creatives Jackie K. Seo and Jamie Salmon of Avatar Sculptureworks, who’s work is shown in two sets below. Above: Old lady with a walking stick (by Jackie K. Seo).

Further work by Jackie K. Seo

listening man

Above: Listening.

jaff man

Above: Jaff.

Man Pointing

Above: Detailed Sculpture named “Man Pointing”.

Ultra-Detailed Sculpture by Jamie Salmon

The Elder

Above: The Elder.

Sumo model

Above: Sumo.

Black woman sculpture

Above: Wreckage.

resin sculpture

Above: Chris.

Credits: All images are copyright © Jackie K. Seo and Jamie Salmon of Avatar Sculptureworks. Please head over to their site for more work and contact information.

Want More Detailed Sculpture?

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