Ultra-Cute Baby Owl Animation

This really cute animation of baby owls was created by media artist, Isobel Knowles and Cat Rabbit. It answers the supposedly-simple question “where do owls come from”. Do stalks bring them? Well, watch this short animation and you’ll see…

Watch the Animation…

Video Screenshots Below…

Ultra-Cute Baby Owl Animation screensshot

The making of a baby owl

conveyor belt stamping out owl eyes


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Cute baby Teddy bear made on machine

cogs made from material on machine

owl feathers

Credits: All the images shown within this set are screenshots from the video, which is copyright © Owl Know How from Isobel Knowles on Vimeo. A film by Isobel Knowles made with the magical characters of Cat Rabbit. Set by Isobel & Cat, sound design by Finn Robertson and music by Billy Whims. Thanks to Rebecca Hayes and Abby Fraser [read more here].

Baby Owl is born

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